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Breaking News

The holidays are out to get us. Via Yahoo

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Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

That’s what you get for providing unsolicited help. Via Laughing Squid

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There Are No Shortcuts In Life

On the bright side, it made golf more entertaining. Via DPnF

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Two Nightmares Spawned From This Video

“Damn it, I just lost my $500 camera, and I didn’t get the replacement plan!” “HOLY SHIT I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF A 10,000 FOOT DROP” Via CNET

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It’s The Thought That Counts, I Guess

Across the internet, people have been expressing mixed opinions on the current charity trend known as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.   While it was intended to raise money for a good cause, some have argued that it is a … Continue reading

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I generally get annoyed when people are really pedantic about a line or prop being ahead of its time in a period piece.  I’m all for correcting misinformation, but you know that most of these smarmy motherfuckers just get off … Continue reading

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Idiot lady passed on dating Jon Hamm in ’96, is kicking herself for eternity

In a story that can only be described as “the biggest mistake of this lady’s life,” and also, “the biggest hair mistake of Jon Hamm’s life,” this episode of the The Big Date got some mileage on the internets today. From Salon: … Continue reading

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