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Having The Upper Hand

Never let a good opportunity pass you by. Via ViralViralVideos

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I Just Want To Be Left Alone

Another reason why I don’t run. Via Tastefully Offensive

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I’ll take that, thank you very much. Via DPnF

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A Tuesday Murmuration

Let’s all just watch these starlings swirl around like sentient dust motes and feel ourselves drift away a little bit. Only three more days until the weekend!

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Heron Uses Bread to Bait Fish, Challenge Human Dominion

You guys, we’ve been so preoccupied with the robot uprising that we haven’t even been paying attention to the herons! And judging by this video, that’s just how the herons like it, those crafty sons of bitches.

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For that Special Someone: Singing Bird Pistols

This is kind of a remarkable video about some very insanely intricate objets d’art (I know, ooh la la!) that were crafted in the 19th century, and which make everything I own seem like a total piece of crap made out … Continue reading

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