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Can We Bring Back Birthday Gifs?

I’ve been wanting to revive the birthday gif request tradition, and since Tuesday, August 9 is my birthday, I have a special incentive to make it happen with a quickness. If you so please, I would love to see gifs from Happy … Continue reading

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A Very Dignified Birthday GIF Post

Hi e-friends! Are we still doing birthday GIF posts? Yes? No? I don’t care! I’m doing one because I’m 30 today. In celebration of my three decades on this planet, please shower me with GIFs! I would enjoy seeing GIFs … Continue reading

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It’s My Birthday! It’s My Birthday!

You guys are seriously like my family, except that I look forward to talking to you all.  You know what I’m into.  Give me the gifs that I love!

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Happy Birthday, Amy Poehler!!!

It’s our friend Amy Poehler’s birthday! Happy birthday! (That’s it. That’s the whole post.)

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Where The Hell Was This When I Was Six?

Fudgie, you are obsolete. Via Autoblog

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Birthday Gifs

Hello all! Since my birthday is on Sunday, I’d like to continue our birthday gif tradition and request some gifs from my favorite virtual friends. I’m interested in moving pictures of the following things: How I Met Your Mother Eddie Vedder Animals doing generally funny things … Continue reading

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We’re a year old! Let’s celebrate with pictures of the cake/non-cake dessert substitutes we ate today (or, as you can tell from the darkness of my picture and the fact that I rarely drink raspberry cosmopolitans in the afternoon, yesterday). … Continue reading

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How are we going to celebrate our first birthday?!

Heyyyyy. Guess what? On 6th February, it’s Homeless Monsters’ first birthday! Can you even believe we’ll have made it to a year? Obviously sobs are required because let’s be honest, IF A CERTAIN BLOG HAD NOT BEEN CLOSED DOWN WE … Continue reading

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Holiday Open Thread: Gift Edition

I LOVE giving people presents!  It’s so much more fun than getting presents!  When you find that one thing that the person never even knew he or she wanted and it’s the most thoughtful thing ever?  It’s the best!  That’s … Continue reading

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A Birth-Day Murder Most Foul

Samuel J. Yellowdog’s birthday began quite the same as any other day. He awoke at 4am and dressed for his 13 hour shift in the bone mines. At the ripe old age of 2, he was almost too old for … Continue reading

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