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The Deadliest Catch

Maybe I will go to that steakhouse instead. Via News 96.5

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We’re Halfway Through The Week, Guys

Just do as the Brazilians do.  All of them. Via Pleated Jeans

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Park Elsewhere

There’s an eternal battle on the roads between cars and bicycles.  The balance is usually tipped towards automobiles, but once cyclist has had enough. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Start Your Morning With The 57 Most Tense Seconds In Brazil

Those planks.  Oh, those planks. Via AutoEvolution

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Nightmare Files: “Dead” Man Digs His Way Out of Grave

Several of us are talking about nightmares in the comments (move, spidermonk!), so I thought I’d add something to fuel more nightmares and therefore more awesome stories. And I do love a story when a dead guy comes to life, … Continue reading

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A half hour into the Germany v. Brazil game, and the Axis Superpower is up 5-0.  Ouch, y’all, this is painful. (No, I mean GREAT!  It’s WONDERFUL!  Uber alles, everybody!)

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