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Everything Is Okay!

Just when it seems as if the world is both on fire and under water, here comes good ol’ Rob Petrie to make everything seem okay. The delightful Dick Van Dyke apparently has an a cappella group (of course he does), and … Continue reading

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The Wrong Way To Breakfast

Also, sweet video title, brah. Via DPnF

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Start The Day Off Right

At some point you just have to take care of things yourself. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Good News for Old Ladies: Thread is Cool Again!

The good folks at Forever 21 and Breakfast (I don’t know what that is) have come up with a neat something that, if it goes big, will fill craft stores with techie-types. A screen made of thread! The screen in … Continue reading

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Guy Eats 25-Year-Old Box of Nintendo Cereal

I don’t know about you guys, but I grew up in a household where sugary cereals were strictly verboten*. Nutri-Grain and other raisin-laden cereals were par for the course, and Honey Nut Cheerios were about as wild as we got. … Continue reading

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Breakfast The Easy Way

You would think toast is one of, if not THE easiest breakfast items to make.  Well, there’s one issue with it, time.  You need what, one, two, THREE minutes to heat up the damn bread?  And what if your bread … Continue reading

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Here Are Some Tiny Pigs Eating An Apple

Because sometimes that’s all you need.

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What Did You Have For Breakfast?

We talk about lunch all the time, but sadly neglect the glory (or underwhelming convenience, depending on how rushed you are in the morning) of breakfast. I’m having Greek yogurt mixed with pumpkin butter and almonds, and some green tea, because … Continue reading

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