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Today’s Epic Breakdancing Clip

Get down, Supafly. Get all the way down.

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Monster Community Pool – 5/28/2015

Clouds be damned, I’m going to take a dip. Do any of you live in NYC?  If so, heads up. Oh cool, zombie roaches. I appreciate the sentiment, guys, but it’s just a freakin’ Billboard Award. Trust but verify, my … Continue reading

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“Oh, it was just hellish.”

Photo from WhatCulture Wow. David Fincher feels all the feelings about Alien 3 (also known as Alien Cubed, but I don’t know how to make a tiny three and stick it up near the “n”). This article from a 1992 issue of Premier … Continue reading

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Butterfly Lands on Flautist’s Face, Almost Like It’s *SUPPOSED* to Be There

This is surely either a harbinger of world peace or the first salvo in some kind of awful insect invasion against our woodwinds, I’m not sure which.

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A Friendly Reminder Not to Tap, Poke or Prod Anything Ever

If I’ve seen it once I’ve seen it a million times. You think you’ve found a sleeping caterpillar or possibly a free mustache and then suddenly you unleash the terrors of hell. Next time, use your head: just call the police and walk … Continue reading

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Let’s Share Summer Vacation Stories!

Ah, summer. I’m not a fan. It’s too hot and there are bugs everywhere and things like fairs and concerts are never as much fun as you think they’re going to be. But summer vacations from school? Those I was … Continue reading

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Somewhere Out There, this Bug is Waiting to Poop on Your Face While You Sleep/Kill You

Sweet dreams!

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