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Different Definition Of A Good Time

We entertain ourselves as best we can. Via ViralViralVideos

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Monster Community Pool – 1/12/2015

If you’ve never had welsh cakes, you should. Proud alumnus of the University of Nebraska What’s the point if he never leaves? This is a day you do not go to work Thanks for helping us win the championship.  Later.

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Unsuccessful Retaliation

Sometimes I feel bad posting the antics of Florida residents, as it is my home state, and it’s also too easy.  But when someone knocks himself out headbutting a bus because the fare was too high, it is tough to … Continue reading

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Flushing Fuel Down The Toilet

We head back across the pond for another story of innovative technology: the bio bus.   This 40-seat vehicle runs on bio-methane gas generated from a process called anaerobic digestion, where bacteria breaks down food and human waste and creates the fuel … Continue reading

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