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Be Mine

This video is the perfect combination of sweet treats and watching how things are made. Let’s all use the comments to discuss our favorite candy. It’s been a while since we had a food post. Most random or unknown favorite … Continue reading

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A Well Timed Theft

Nice one, Zardulu. Via Incredible Things

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Taste The Rainbow

Don’t throw those Skittles in the toilet.  They have use! Via Laughing Squid

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The Games Have Begun

This is how they put us on display for sport. Via PopSci

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So THAT’S How You Break One

And here I was, doing long term damage to my molars. Via Laughing Squid

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Jedi-Level Cotton Candy Master Weaves Sugary Flower

Willy Wonka has nothing on this shit.

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Bob’s Burgers Spooooky Recap: Full Bars

Even though we’re a few weeks into the 2014-2015 TV season, Fox has only aired one episode of Bob’s Burgers (thanks, baseball!).  We’ve all been jonesing for more of the Belchers, and thankfully we will get it this Sunday with an … Continue reading

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Automatic Candy Dispenser

I love ice. I love it in my drinks. I love popsicles. I like skating. The ice machine in the fridge door at our office breaks at least every other week, and since I am the one who uses the most … Continue reading

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A Very Scientific Analysis of Your Favorite Fall Food

No whipped cream? I don’t think so!! According to Socrates, “the unexamined life is not worth living.” I don’t know. I’ve always felt that he was projecting his own experience of the world onto the general human experience, and implying … Continue reading

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Trix Tips: Of Candy and Cube-Mates

Dearest Commentatrix, I recently got a new cubicle-mate at work. She is a perfectly nice person, but a serious problem has arisen. I keep a candy dish at my desk that I share with everybody in the department, and even … Continue reading

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