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If Mark Werewahlfberg Was There, Halloween Wouldn’t Have Went Down Like It Did

Say hi to your mummy for me. (Via Laughing Squid)

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Harry Shearer Leaves the Simpsons 15 Years Too Late to Matter

Perhaps you guys heard the big show-biz news that Harry Shearer is leaving the Simpsons? According to some tweets Shearer posted that quote producer James L. Brooks, the voice actor responsible for Mr. Burns, Waylon Smithers, Principal Skinner and about a million other … Continue reading

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Did You Catch Don Hertzfeldt’s Simpsons Couch Gag Last Night?

I have many nerdy proclivities, and one of them is following animator Don Hertzfeldt on Twitter (even if his name doesn’t quite ring a bell, you probably know his stuff). So when he tweeted the following on Sunday afternoon:

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You Could Get on With Your Day, or You Could Watch “Flash Beagle”

1980s, just when I think that I have spelunked into the darkest cavities of your Hypercolor mantle, you cough up another fluorescent gem like the “Flash Beagle” music video. What is happening here? First, Snoopy moonwalks backward down the street while somehow seeming also to advance … Continue reading

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Give this Adorable Cartoon 40 Seconds of Your Day

¿Alguien más quiere pellizcar sus pequeñas buttcheeks? ¡Ay ay ay!

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