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This Week in Tiny Things

It’s time for some tiny! There’s a breed of cat I’d never heard of before yesterday: the Munchkin Cat. Munchkin kitties are tiny with very short legs. They evolved this way through a natural mutation. People like them for their … Continue reading

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Cat Barely Tolerates Monkey Suit, Enjoys Banana Just Fine

He does not even acknowledge the presence of other fruit.

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My Cat & I Watch A Movie About A Lady and Her Cat

On a recent Saturday night, I had the opportunity to waste some time in front of the TV with some German food and my cat. I had been watching a lot of drama on Netflix, sad stuff that made me … Continue reading

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What Is This Sorcery?

This be no cat, but some sort of dog-devilry!

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Breaking: Cat Held By German Weatherman

Awww, wie suess!

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Cat Attacks Ceramic Cat

I dunno, guys, I’ve been at a staff retreat since Wednesday, so maybe this has already been all over the internet and is passe. But let’s look at it anyway. And to make it a metaphor, sort of, it’s like … Continue reading

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