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Cat Self-Medicates to Escape the New Horrors of Everyday Life

I’m voting This Cat For President in 2020 or whenever impeachment hearings are over. Advertisements

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Uncooperative Gifts

She’s past the age of being amused by empty boxes. Via Pleated Jeans

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A Playful Romp In The Snow

Experience winter up close and personal. Via Viral Viral Videos

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Holiday Movie Review: The Nine Lives of Christmas

More animals in today’s review, this time though it’s a cat. Interestingly, we also have another Superman star, this time though it’s Brandon Routh. Welcome to The Nine Lives of Christmas.

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It’s Payday

Time to blow it all on hats. Via Pleated Jeans

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Give Yourself One Or More High Fives

Good job Via Tastefully Offensive

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Too Much Of A Good Thing? I Doubt It

It’s been a rougher week than most.  I think a 24/7 stream of kittens should help. Via AV Club

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