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A Music Video For Today’s Economic Climate

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve announced that they would keep interest rates at their current, low levels.  While the American economy has started to pick up, the Fed decided not to raise rates due to a number of overseas issues, including … Continue reading

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The Road Not Taken

One of the great automotive experiences of our time is to yell at our navigation systems for screwing us over.  Whether it be for taking is down the wrong street, not warning us in time for a turn, or telling … Continue reading

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An Exercise In Futility

One of Twitter’s most prominent features is the ability to have a verified profile.  I’m glad it was put into effect, as I want to ensure that when I follow @TheRock, it isn’t someone pretending to be Dwayne Johnson (or … Continue reading

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Embracing the Chair Fart

I wish I was this bold growing up. Via THR

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More Celebrities Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Last week, Activision released the long awaited zombie hunting expansion pack for their latest iteration of Call of Duty, Advanced Warfare.  As you may recall, the original game featured Kevin Spacey in a prominent role.  Activision continued this trend by … Continue reading

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My Heart Is Breaking For Billy Crystal In His Time Of Great Hardship

Billy Crystal, old white man of note, put his foot in it a bit while participating in a TCA panel over the weekend. As old white men are wont to do, he expressed some seemingly homophobic sentiments when asked about the gay character he … Continue reading

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What is Jeff Goldblum Doing?

I’m a little slow on the uptake on this newsflash, but I figure better late than never if only so we can drop this gif:

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