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No Need To Resurrect The Apollo Program

The moon decided to pay us a visit. Via ViralViralVideos

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I’ll Have One Of Those

I assume they’re infused with whatever gives that guy his powers. Via Pleated Jeans

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Gorgeous Harbin Ice Festival Photos

Architecture and Design posted some AMAZING photographs of The Harbin Ice Festival in China. The festival includes epic snow and ice sculptures, and the whole place is lit with ice lanterns at night.

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Farmland Jam

Guess what, Norway?  You no longer have a monopoly on crazy animal noise songs. (Technically safe for work, but your co-workers might think you’re nuts) Via Laughing Squid

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An Update on Chinese Consumer Technology

Ni hao, fellow monsters!  I’m here to bring you the latest trends currently sweeping our brothers and sisters in the East.  It’s well known that China’s economy has boomed in recent years, and with that money, the Middle Kingdom has seen … Continue reading

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The Path of Most Resistance

I know everyone’s got fútbol fever right now, but this is excessive. Via Tastefully Offensive

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