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Slow Ride

Back in my day, I had to slide down an icy hill BOTH WAYS to get to school. Via ViralViralVideos

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Monster Community Pool – 1/7/2016

Our first pool outing of the year!  Holy shit is it cold… Efficient use of a sports car But can we still love her?  (Probably) My bad Enjoy your caffeinated zucchini bread

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Happy International Coffee Day!

It’s finally here. Our special day. But I’ve failed you all because I actually don’t have a fourth coffee to drink/review. On Sunday I had a hazelnut latte from my local Starbucks, but I thought I could do better, so … Continue reading

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International Coffee Day Day Three: Gevalia Kaffe House Blend

So I heard what you guys were saying about me drinking cheap coffee, so on Friday I went to my local grocery store and spent a little bit of time in the “Premium Coffee” section. And proceeded to buy the … Continue reading

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International Coffee Day Day Two: Frozen Slushy Sugary Coffee Drink

I know I made a big stink in my previous two posts about how I need coffee to live and I don’t care how it tastes and I drink it in the morning black black black. But sometimes. On a … Continue reading

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International Coffee Day Day One: Maxwell House

This songs speaks to me and my soul like no song that came before and no song that will ever be written. Only replace “Folgers” with “whatever was on sale this weeek.” This week (and most weeks), it was Maxwell … Continue reading

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Get Ready For International Coffee Day!

International Coffee Day is next week, Tuesday, September 29th. I once told a close friend, “I’m not addicted to coffee. It’s like water to me. My body just needs it.” And she said, “That is literally the definition of addiction.” … Continue reading

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