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Monster Community Pool – 7/30/2015

They have fun. Thanks, music. The real questions is are our sisters ready? You still want to buy the world a Coke, Draper? This is just a good prank waiting to happen. Also, a happy birthday to Lisa Kudrow!  

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A Mad Men Retrospective

After 8 years, the masterful television program Mad Men came to a close last night with the episode “Person to Person”.  It wraps up the stories of all five main characters, and while not as controversial as other shows‘ finales, … Continue reading

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Nutella Pushed To The Limit

It’s no secret that everyone here loves Nutella.  I have a mild hazelnut allergy, but I live on the edge and devour it anyway.  However, I have trouble explaining why anyone would add it to the potent Coke/Mentos mix.  This gentleman … Continue reading

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