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A Cookie Too Pretty to Eat

In case you were looking for a way to be both awed and mesmerized by cookie frosting…enjoy this gem: From cookie decorator: Mezesmanna

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Who Wants To Buy An Easy Bake Oven For Four Times The Cost?

Another flawless idea from the house of great ideas. Via The Verge

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The End Of Thanksgiving Will Not Be The End of Food News

Last week, many of us stuffed our faces with all kinds of delicious meals, possibly to the point of sickness.  Now that five whole days have passed, I think it’s safe to bombard you with the latest and greatest in … Continue reading

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Who wants a cookie?!

Can we talk about food for a minute? Oh, who are we kidding. That’s our favorite topic. (Except ghosts. Let me know when they start baking, that will be the post of the year.) I love cookies. If I had … Continue reading

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Sesame Street takes on Star Wars

How great is this? The characters are all creatively named as foods (Luke Piewalker, Flan Solo, and Only One Cannoli, just to name a few) AND kids can learn a valuable lesson about self-control. The Star Wars references are fun … Continue reading

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Snack UNBreak: Recycling Oreos

Oreo cookies are undoubtedly one of America’s favorite foods.  The creme sandwich delight has the best selling cookie in the country for many years, and comes in numerous variations.  And like any popular product, there are copycat and generic brands … Continue reading

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Do You Want to Eat a Kitten?

I’m a pretty cultured and worldly lady so the joys of McVitie’s Digestives are quite familiar to me. Also, I love kittens. So a McVitie’s commercial with kittens? Should be a slam dunk, right? Like maybe the kittens will be … Continue reading

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