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I Do What I Can

Normally I don’t post videos longer than a few minutes, but I think we need as much of this as possible right now. Via Tastefully Offensive

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One More Week, Dudes and Dudettes

Step up your game.  This freakin’ dog did. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Monster Community Pool – 11/3/2015

More power to those of you who do it, but I absolutely, positively REFUSE to work out in the morning. I guess some people didn’t have a successful Halloween. NERDS Is this guy Leo’s Jessica Chastain?  (Or Leo’s Bryce Dallas … Continue reading

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This Seems Safe

We’ll get to our Halloween aftermath later this afternoon, but for now, enjoy this very good baby mech costume that two thoughtful parents put together. Via ViralViralVideos

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Give Us The Rundown On Your Costume!

This is truly the most wonderful time of the year (suck it, Christmas)!  We’ve talked about food, ghosts, haunted houses, and other things that make autumn great, but really, it’s all about Halloween.  In the grand 2-ish year tradition of … Continue reading

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How Do You Go To The Bathroom In That Thing?

Halloween is about 20 days away.  We’ll do an official costume post closer to the actual date, but for those who don’t have any ideas, I have one for you.  I mean, sure, it took over 1600 man hours to … Continue reading

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Tearing Down Barriers

Last year, we saw a breakthrough for women on American Ninja Warrior.  Maybe it’s time for dinosaurs to make their rise in the sport. Via SB Nation

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Let’s See Your Halloween Costumes!

Did everyone have a good Halloween? Mine was boring but nice, because I didn’t go out and was kind of sick, but not so sick that I couldn’t enjoy being home and eating a ton of candy. But if you … Continue reading

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What Are You Being For Halloween?

Well, it’s Tuesday of Halloween week. We’ve had all of our lives to think about our costumes, and I bet some of us have some pretty great ideas. And if you don’t have an idea yet (I just thought of … Continue reading

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Determining The Backstories Of Halloween Costume Models

Do you ever feel like the internet knows what you want before you even think it? The algorithms have grown so sophisticated that I’m fairly confident that Google already knows how and when I will die. But every once in … Continue reading

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