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Making a Murderer Open Thread

We haven’t gotten a chance to talk about the new Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer, but if you’re like me, it’s all you hear about! ┬áThe case follows the story of Steven Avery after he’s released from prison after … Continue reading

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The Jinx…or WTF???

So, I know Truck caught up with it this weekend, but has anyone else watched The Jinx?

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Determining The Backstories Of Halloween Costume Models

Do you ever feel like the internet knows what you want before you even think it? The algorithms have grown so sophisticated that I’m fairly confident that Google already knows how and when I will die. But every once in … Continue reading

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How to Meet Your Favorite Celebrity

Study criminal law and pass the bar Become a public defender Represent someone who is batshit insane Claim that the defendant believes a certain celebrity is his/her significant other Subpoena the celebrity at the premier of his/her latest film Pray … Continue reading

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Recipe for Short Ribs is Recipe for Laughter!!

I only wish I was clever enough to have thought of this. From the boston.com Laughter Files (JK, from boston.com full stop): Salisbury Police tweeted this after discovering a short-rib recipe from a newspaper stuck to a windshield where a … Continue reading

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