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Radiating Confidence

Be careful, lady, before her ego gets out of control. Via Yahoo

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Happy National Dog Day!

  There are official days for everything now aren’t there? Earlier this week it was Official Waffle Day. I hope that you all celebrated hard for that one. Today we can enjoy a day devoted to man’s best friend. How … Continue reading

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This Dog, and Our Sprits, Can’t Be Stopped

Last week was bad, but we can turn it around if we believe. Run free, little guy.  Run free.

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A Better Class of Criminal

Hide yo shoes, hide your halloween costumes, ’cause he’s stealing everything up in here. http://www.katu.com/news/local/Felonious-feline-snatches-neighbors-shoes-322363872.html?tab=video&c=y

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The Most Effective Ad Campaign Ever

Yes, it’s an ad.  No, I don’t care.  It’s adorable, and the little ginger cat reminds me of my cat Fry.  Watch the newest installment of “Dear Kitten”!!!

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Today We Are All These Chicks Clinging to Someone’s Coffee Mug for Warmth

Keep your beaks up, monsters. Friday is on the way. (Via Tastefully Offensive)

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Let’s All Have A Nice Cry

The headline pretty much speaks for itself: This Man Lives Alone In A Radioactive Town To Care For The Abandoned Animals. “I had no choice but to stay,” Matsumura told Vice. “I couldn’t leave the animals behind. They needed to be … Continue reading

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Just Some Old Fashioned Greco-Roman Koala Wrestling

These two feisty koala bears couldn’t look more like a pair of actual human wrestlers tousling around on the ground if they slathered themselves with canola oil, painted on some Andre-the-Giant-style unitards and ran wild on the Seattle Kingdome for a pay-per-view audience … Continue reading

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Here Are Some Tiny Pigs Eating An Apple

Because sometimes that’s all you need.

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I Think We All Need This Right Now

Thank you, tiny dog. Thank you. (Make sure you have the sound on.)

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