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In Defense of The Phantom Mena.. HAHAHA j/k here’s Darth Vader burning for 5 hours

If it wasn’t for the smell of melted plastic, it’d probably make a great holiday fire. Via Tastefully Offensive Advertisements

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Your Friendly Holiday PSA

Remember folks, don’t drink and drive. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Month of Scares: First Scary Memory!

As we hit our stride in this Month of Scares, let’s talk about what scared you the most as a little kid!

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The World Cup of Darth Vader saying (SPOILER) “I am your father.”

So which version do you think is the scariest?  I vote for the Czech.  On Kotaku, which is where I got this, the consensus seemed to be that the German version was the most menacing but I think that’s just … Continue reading

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