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Monster Community Pool – 8/20/2015

I bet if you went to your local theme park right now, there’d be no lines. Speaking of theme parks… Unlike some people, certain homeowners don’t have fond memories of their property A piece of television history explained. When you’re popping … Continue reading

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Monster Community Pool – 8/13/0215

Somebody make use of that poolside bar, STAT. Weird and gross. They’re just rolls, dude. Nothing like a fresh, 9-month old episode of Sesame Street. Geez, everyone has to Marvel-ize EVERYTHING. Daiquiris for everybody!  

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Monster Community Pool – 6/18/2015

Work be damned, I’m going swimming!* The makeup makes this prank work. Apparently Netflix can make a man lose his mind. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Disney isn’t feeling the trilogies lately. *Just kidding, I’m an adult.  

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Monster Community Pool – 5/14/2015

HEY I SAID NO JUMPING Oh look, it’s this asshole again.  (See previous encounter) Business as usual in good ol’ Hollywood. This is how you’ll be checking Twitter and Instagram in the future.  Deal with it. Too bad it’s not called … Continue reading

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What Other Disney Movies Should Get The Live-Action Treatment?

Cinderella, Beauty And The Beast, The Jungle Book, and now Mulan*–Disney has figured out that they can make craploads of money by making the same movies over and over again, this time in live-action instead of animation. As a comment … Continue reading

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It’s Good To Keep Things Interesting

Because living in space for months is FREAKIN’ LAME, the crew of International Space Station Expedition 45 decided to spice things up with their official group photo.  Chances are they are all nerds and did this voluntarily, but I wouldn’t put … Continue reading

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Disney Once Again Tries To Make Us Think Robots Are Okay

It looks as if heart-warming movies are just the first wave in Disney’s robot charm offensive.  Researchers at Disney Research Zurich have developed a robo-turtle that, like a retired grandmother, attempts to wow us with its sand art.  This prototype … Continue reading

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