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Doctor Who S09E12: Gallifrey To Be You And Me

The Doctor is driving through a very CGIed Nevada desert and stops at a diner in the middle of nowhere. The only person inside is a waitress, who is Clara for some reason. Clara! He plays her sad a tune … Continue reading

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Doctor Who S09E11: Castlemania

We zoom around an empty castle while the Doctor voiceovers about how from the moment we’re born our death pursues us, blah blah blah, mortality, whatever. Then a hand pulls a lever and falls into some sand and dissolves. The … Continue reading

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Doctor Who S09E10: Quoth The Raven, “Neverwhere”

Apparently last week’s snot monster adventure was a one-off (thank goodness) despite every other episode this season being half of a two-parter. Hmm, I wonder if that means anything particularly important is going to happen in this episode? Nah, probably … Continue reading

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Doctor Who S09E09: You Snooze You Lose

This week’s episode* is a spooky found-footage sort of deal that starts with some dude vlogging to the audience about how we shouldn’t watch this video because it’s too horrifying and we can never unsee it, but in case we’re … Continue reading

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Doctor Who S09E08: Miss Zygon

Clara wakes up in some kind of bizarro nightmare apartment where toothpaste is black and there’s a seahorse on the front page of the gibberish newspaper. She tries to get out but when she opens the door there’s just another … Continue reading

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Doctor Who S09E07: British Invasion

We begin with a helpful reminder of some of the events in the 50th Anniversary Special for those of us who mostly remember it for the Three Doctors thing and having to suffer through Billie Piper’s acting again.

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Doctor Who S09E06: The Knightmare Is Dark And Full Of Terrors

Back in horsedrawn carriage-times a couple in a horsedrawn carriage gets stopped by a Zorro type who wants all their jewels and shit and has some kind of glowy-eyed hellbeast helping to intimidate them. The Doctor rudely interrupts because he … Continue reading

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