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Dog Who Plays Piano and Sings Is Delightful But Will Never Get Radio Air Play

I do like when he flattens himself against the carpet, though.

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Small Dog Freaks Out Over Small Gourd

I’m very worried that we’ve already shared this video on this site, but a double-share of this little dude can’t hurt, can it?

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Dog & Tortoise = Best Buds

Earlier this week, when we learned the truth about that Weasel and Woodpecker joyride situation, my hope in interspecies best friendship was at an all time low. Thankfully this video came along to make me all happy again! Sheldon (omg … Continue reading

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What Is This Sorcery?

This be no cat, but some sort of dog-devilry!

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Dog Dressed Like Bear Demonstrates Winter 5K Training Program

We end up talking a lot about our fitness goals on this site, and I know something that I’m struggling with is working out during these cold months. This dog (“Munchkin”) is showing us both of our options at once. … Continue reading

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Let’s Ease Ourselves Into This Day

Ahhh. So refreshing.

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This Dog Understands How We All Feel About Mondays

You said it, buddy.

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A Dog and A Turtle Playing Nose Soccer

As we wind down this World Cup season, it must be difficult for so many of us to stay interested in the competition, since our sweepstakes teams are out. (Not me, though. Holland for life. Still making it happen.) Would … Continue reading

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