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It’s Friday for Dancing! And a Puppy.

What’s happening for you this weekend? I have nothing urgent but I really need to clean my place. Will that happen? I don’t know. It’s a mystery. Anyways, please enjoy this puppy taking a shower.

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A Relaxing Interlude for Your Wednesday

Life got you stressed out? Feel like you’re languishing in a lifeboat, dehydrated, your most annoying coworker your only company, and no rescue in sight?

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Tiny Dogs for Big Feels

Look, times are confusing and not a little depressing. We live in a world full of lying politicians, asshole bigots, rising walls, idiot bosses, nuclear threat, and a deteriorating global environment. Wait… where are you going? Stick with me. We … Continue reading

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Don’t Go Crazy This Long Weekend

“They won’t see me behind this dresser.” Via Pleated Jeans

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A Taste Of One’s Own Medicine

How do you like them apples? Via Viral Viral Videos

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Things Went Downhill Quickly

Someone already had a bad start to 2017 Via Laughing Squid

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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Final Banana of the Year

This isn’t a statement about 2016, just a ridiculous sight. Via Tastefully Offensive

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