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Watch What Happens Live

Last night, I watched the two-part episode of New Girl, where Schmidt and Cece partook in their respective bachelor/bachelorette parties.  On the ladies’ side, Jess had a simple plan: get high and watch Anne of Green Gables on what presumably … Continue reading

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Thomas Edison

Dear Thomas Edison, Thanks for the lightbulbs! I think they’re great. They’re very helpful. And alternating current (or direct current? not sure which one is you and which is Tesla) is really cool. And I guess phonographs are neat. I … Continue reading

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Tiny crime scenes

It may be that this is taught in American high schools as a matter of course. If so, my apologies. But when I read about a woman named Frances Glessner Lee and her tiny crime scenes, I felt sure it … Continue reading

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This Footage of a Wooden Doll Being Made is Just Very Peaceful and Satisfying

We, as a blog, are clearly very drawn to dolls for whatever perverse reasons we can’t control or explain. They fill us with terror and revulsion, and yet we cannot look away. So when you hear me say that this video … Continue reading

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If You Thought A Town Full of Dolls Representing The People To Used To Live There Would Be Creepy, You Are Sort of Right But Mostly Wrong.

When I read the headline that there was a village full of dolls made by some old lady in Japan, I was like, “Oooh, that’ll be good and spooky for month of SCARES.” But it actually wasn’t scary, and it … Continue reading

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Spooky Tourism: Halloween Horror Nights!

‘Spooky Tourism’ is kind of a misnomer for this post because this isn’t spooky so much as it is absolutely terrifying!  Spooky is reserved for those creepy feelings you get that have to do with a weird sound, light breeze … Continue reading

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Who Will Play Barbie in the Live Action Barbie Movie?

The dearest dreams of our childhood are about to come true. Our favorite, most anatomically plausible doll is getting her very own live action movie. Take it away, Rolling Stone! Who says Barbie couldn’t possibly resemble a real woman? The … Continue reading

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Long After We Are Gone, Doll Pants Will Survive. Mostly.

I was once catsitting for a friend at night in her basement-level apartment with clanging pipes across the street from one of the Boston Strangler’s victim’s apartments, and just to lighten the mood, I decided to watch a documentary on … Continue reading

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