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Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Come on, man, I just wanna go home and eat these eggs. Via Pleated Jeans

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Doctor Who S08E07: You Have To Crack A Few Moons To Make A Space Dragon

This week’s episode of Doctor Who was a classic Very Tense Space Conundrum in the vein of The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit, 42 and The Waters of Mars crossed with a bit of the “left to their own devices, humans are xenophobic garbage” … Continue reading

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Unnecessary Movie Assignment #4

Alas! All week, I’ve been in Las Vegas.  A whole week in Vegas!  Zounds!  Except it’s no vacation. I’m here for a grueling business convention.  Except the business is games!  Zounds #2!  Meeting game designers!  Talking about card games, board games, … Continue reading

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