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Monster Community Pool – 1/7/2016

Our first pool outing of the year!  Holy shit is it cold… Efficient use of a sports car But can we still love her?  (Probably) My bad Enjoy your caffeinated zucchini bread

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Monster Community Pool – 10/8/2015

It’s tough to get any work done with all that DRILLING UPSTAIRS. I hope they were Cool Ranch. Every celebrity should have their Christopher Walken moment. Sorry, kale, you aren’t exciting enough to get your own post. Jen is here … Continue reading

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Aloha is the Hawaiian Word for ‘Fiasco’ #WMOAT

We all remember Gabe’s search for the WMOAT (#RIP). I can’t do justice to his comprehensive articles examining the cinematic failures of our time, but since Cameron Crowe’s Aloha is our generation’s Cameron Crowe’s Elizabethtown, I’d like to give a brief very … Continue reading

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Emma Stone Might Be The Cutest Person Alive

While I keep up with celebrity news and gossip for reasons I don’t fully understand, I can’t say that I actually care about any celebrities, really. I certainly don’t wish them ill, but their real lives and personalities don’t interest … Continue reading

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Young Hollywood is Sometimes Totally Delightful!!

While “down undah” (Australian accent) promoting The Amazing Spideman 2: Subtitle, Emma Stone was surprised to tears when the interviewers showed her a message from Scary Spice, aka Mel B. It’s maybe a little less adorable than the time Kristen … Continue reading

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