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I Know You Have Nothing Better To Do

You might as well sit down and watch Shia LaBeouf go on another one of his crazy art adventures and experience his residency in an English elevator.

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Easy Breezy

Just a regular sentence coming out of one’s mouth. Via Death and Taxes

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TV Talk: The Royals

Y’ALL. We have got to talk about this as a family. I know many, many of us here are avid supporters of Britain’s reigning royal family! (<3 u Wills/Kate/Kate’s hair/George/Unborn Baby Cambridge/Lupo!) And we know that we’re not alone in … Continue reading

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This week in “ART”

What better way to celebrate life than wander around the English countryside dressed as a watermelon? Note: I label this “ART” because the production value is slightly higher than most youtube videos and also I found it on an artsy … Continue reading

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Black-Eyed Child Roams the Heathlands, Expects Birthday Cake

It has been thirty years since she was last seen, but the Black Eyed Child is once again roaming the heathlands of Stratfforshire, England. This report comes from Lee Brickley, paranormal investigator and author who, I’m sure, has no personal … Continue reading

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