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Tournament of Hotties: Third Time’s the Charm

Since both of the polls for the final battle were subject to some dubious voting practices, we’re going to do this differently today. Please comment with your vote (in case you forgot, Chris Evans or Keanu Reeves) AND because I … Continue reading

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Give Credit To Some Of America’s Infrastructure

They don’t build ’em like they used to… Via NPR

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Practice Makes Perfect

Failure is the first step to success. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Maybe a nice desk job is more up your alley. Via Tastefully Offensive

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The Five Best Quotes From This Interview With Robin Thicke

Look, I am an asshole. As such, I get nothing but pure, cold-hearted joy from things like the rapid downfall of noted douchebag Robin Thicke. After releasing one hit single, poor little Robin lost his wife, released a widely-reviled and … Continue reading

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Leggo My Eggo

Don’t fuck with my waffle, kitty. Via DPnF

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Unnecessary Epic Fail: No Movie Review Today

What happened?  Did I waste my reviewing time?  Did I spurn my internet responsibilities, opting instead for a life of decadent ease?   Au contraire, mon frere: I’ve goofed around a total of 109 minutes since my last post on July 25. … Continue reading

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