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So THAT’S How You Break One

And here I was, doing long term damage to my molars. Via Laughing Squid

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Burn, baby, burn

6.000 matches lit from a single flame. I am going to nominate this mesmerizing and soothing video to replace the yulelog video my Dad likes to put on the tv during the holidays. It’s basically the same thing.

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A Little Engine Trouble

Tell Daphne that I’m going to miss our 9:30 this morning. Via DPnF

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In Defense of The Phantom Mena.. HAHAHA j/k here’s Darth Vader burning for 5 hours

If it wasn’t for the smell of melted plastic, it’d probably make a great holiday fire. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Your Morning Bagpipe Entertainment

I can’t wait until next June, so here’s an early birthday present for catweazle. Via Tastefully Offensive

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It’s Probably Time To Go

I think this van has served its purpose. Via Metro

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Like Burning Skittles

Skip to the 3rd minutes if you don’t care about the science (also fuck you for not caring about science). Via CNET

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The OC S01E02: Extreme Makeover: Model Home Edition

Last week we started in a disgusting Chino parking lot. This week we start in paradise. Or, at least some flattering establishing shots of Newport Beach. And at the Cohen household for just a split second I think that Seth … Continue reading

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Man Escapes Certain Fiery Death [Commentary Track]

First of all, HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE ALL OF THAT? But second of all, to the office workers across the street watching this terrifying human drama unfold before their very eyes: don’t you think you were being a little, … Continue reading

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Better Answers to the Question “Why did you name your child Bear Blaze?”

Up until about thirty seconds ago I was blissfully unaware that Kate Winslet had named her child Bear Blaze. Once I knew it, I knew I could never un-know it, so I decided to see what the lady herself had … Continue reading

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