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Enjoy Your Thanksgiving With Great Care, Love, and Dignity

Let me be among the first to wish you and all of your family and loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving!  We’ll be off for the next 2 days, so please take this time to eat turkey, trample over hordes … Continue reading

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Foreign Media Corner: Wakako-zake

With the exception of the occasional Studio Ghibli film, it’s been many years since I’ve watched anime, or Japanese animation.  Over the weekend, I was introduced to a few series that are currently tearing up the airwaves over in the … Continue reading

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The Heartless Chef

It’s nice that they’ll also make your last meal. Via Viral Viral Videos

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Save Yourself a Step

I mean, isn’t it just easier to combine a camera and food dispensing device? Via Engadget

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Taiwan Has Watermelon Bread Squares and Life Isn’t Fair

I’ll be honest: I don’t really like watermelons. The texture makes me want to crawl on the ceiling for some reason. And let’s be honest: the flavor is basically just sweetly earthy water. And while I’m at it, until about … Continue reading

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Guy Eats 25-Year-Old Box of Nintendo Cereal

I don’t know about you guys, but I grew up in a household where sugary cereals were strictly verboten*. Nutri-Grain and other raisin-laden cereals were par for the course, and Honey Nut Cheerios were about as wild as we got. … Continue reading

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Mad Genius Dares to Make Jell-O in an Ice Cream Maker

It seems like the one of the marks of a great artist is being able to see something that no one else has seen before and that, once elucidated, somehow seems fairly obvious to all. Such is the case with CakeSpy blogger … Continue reading

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What Is This I Don’t Even…

This is horrifying.  Also, check out the size of that diamond!  Who knew being horrible paid so well (I did, because I know sometimes the world is a garbage place). Anyone want to take one for the team and download … Continue reading

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Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It: Eat Cake Tomorrow (Or Today; It’s Not Like We’ll Be Able To Tell)

Guys! Tomorrow is our first blogiversary! Please post whatever you want in celebration, BUT, also, we’ll be having an official birthday/anniversary post in the afternoon. Since we tragically cannot all be together to partake in festivities, please eat some cake … Continue reading

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What Did You Have For Breakfast?

We talk about lunch all the time, but sadly neglect the glory (or underwhelming convenience, depending on how rushed you are in the morning) of breakfast. I’m having Greek yogurt mixed with pumpkin butter and almonds, and some green tea, because … Continue reading

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