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Keep Your Cheetos

Thank you, France, for bringing a non-weirdo vending machine to our fair nation. Via Eater

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Go Ahead And Indulge

I mean, if anyone’s gonna do french fries correctly, it’s these guys, RIGHT?! Via Tastefully Offensive

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Month of Scares: Boybander & X-Factor Judge Get Straight-Up Haunted

A lot has been happening in the world of One Direction lately, and although it’s all of earth-shattering consquence to me, I have mostly spared you guys the emotional roller coaster ride. But something landed in my lap yesterday and … Continue reading

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This Explains Everything

An ad you won’t be seeing this Sunday. (Warning: It gets a little NSFW towards the end) Via Neatorama

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Tourism for weirdos: November in Paris

I know it looks like all I’ve done this year is go on holiday, but guys, I promise it’s really only been 11 days in total (which, by the way, is not enough. As some of you know, my health … Continue reading

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Our Generation’s Ad Campaign (If We Were French)

It’s no secret that we here at Homeless Monsters love GIFs.  You could even extend that feeling to the rest of the internet.  Advertising firm Ogilvy Paris knows this, and took advantage of this knowledge for their new campaign to promote … Continue reading

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Are We Completely Disregarding Doors Now?

I love French pastries, too, but geez dude, calm down. Via Neatorama [Admin note: Just a reminder–if you want something posted either tomorrow or Monday, submit it by 9:00 PM EST tonight! Everyone have a good weekend, and don’t burn … Continue reading

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