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The Ultimate Mariah Carey “All I Want for Christmas” Dance Video

http://hobibobi.tumblr.com/post/134080849446/its-time Her parents are so proud:

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Balancing Guy is Very, Very Good at Balancing Stuff

I swear he is not carefully arranging any of those objects to stand on their own in mind-bending positions so much as osmotically transferring his own freakish balancing molecules into them and fusing them into place like an obscure X-Men villain (The Balancer? Balance-Borg? … Continue reading

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Two Sentence Spooky Stories

Recently on Reddit users tried to come up with the spookiest horror stories possible using only two sentences. Exhibit A: You can read some creepy ones paired with creepy photography here, or you could go ahead and try to write … Continue reading

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