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What up weekend

Weekend plans? Dance party gifs? Bueller?

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It’s (Good) Friday, Let’s Dance!

It would be Better Friday if I had today off work like most people. I only realized Easter is this weekend because there was still B-level parking available when I rolled into the office today – usually I’m relegated to … Continue reading

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It’s Friday (Friday)

Rebecca Black’s Friday video has over 131 million views. In retrospect, this should have been a harbinger for the current era. What’s everyone up to this weekend? I have lunch plans tomorrow and I’m going to rent a carpet cleaner … Continue reading

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It’s Friday. Let’s Dance!

Happy Friday, y’all! Ugh sorry, I regretted that immediately. What is everyone up to this weekend? I have a party to go to! It’s an engagement party. I was surprised to be invited because I haven’t seen or spoken to … Continue reading

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It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

There’s this company I’ve been having phone and video calls with to plan the launch of a new feature on our site, and one of the guys there is obsessed with Fridays. Like if we talk on a Thursday, he … Continue reading

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Friday and Stuff

I’ve heard that if you have a song stuck in your head, just start running “Safety Dance” through your brain and you’ll be cured. That’s what I’ve been doing since the Oscars, becuase “Shallow” from A Star is Born won’t … Continue reading

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It’s Friday. Let’s Dance!

This weekend I’ll be finishing a manuscript evaluation for a client and doing taxes. Maybe doing taxes. The taxes thing is, well not optional exactly, but procrastinatable. Anyways, below is a what’s new on Netflix right now. Have you seen … Continue reading

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It’s Friday for Dancing! And a Puppy.

What’s happening for you this weekend? I have nothing urgent but I really need to clean my place. Will that happen? I don’t know. It’s a mystery. Anyways, please enjoy this puppy taking a shower.

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It’s Oscar Weekend! Let’s Dance!

First: QUEEN IS OPENING THE OSCARS. I love this. I’m already taking guesses as to which song they’ll do. In my head I hear the opening a capella voices of “Fat-Bottomed Girls,” but just the name of the song will … Continue reading

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Is Anyone Even Planning to Watch the Oscars? And it’s Friday for Dancing!

People really dislike the Academy’s decision to hand out several awards during commercial breaks: A host of Hollywood luminaries, including Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, Quentin Tarantino and┬áRachel Morrison, the first woman to win the best cinematography Oscar,┬áhave signed an open … Continue reading

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