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What up weekend

Weekend plans? Dance party gifs? Bueller? Advertisements

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It’s Friday (Friday)

Rebecca Black’s Friday video has over 131 million views. In retrospect, this should have been a harbinger for the current era. What’s everyone up to this weekend? I have lunch plans tomorrow and I’m going to rent a carpet cleaner … Continue reading

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It’s Friday. Let’s Dance!

Happy Friday, y’all! Ugh sorry, I regretted that immediately. What is everyone up to this weekend? I have a party to go to! It’s an engagement party. I was surprised to be invited because I haven’t seen or spoken to … Continue reading

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It’s Friday! That’s All I Got…

Another Friday, another work week in the books.  I don’t know how much dancing I’ll do, given the events that took place, but it is the weekend, and we should try to focus on the better things in life, like this gentleman, … Continue reading

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Can You Find the Mole?

Since I’m spending some of my work day pursuing creative time-wasters, I thought I’d share one. Feeling nostalgic for the days of text-only games, when the only things you needed for an adventure were a story and your imagination? This … Continue reading

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Flano-Oooops for Your Weekend

Hi all. For the first time in many months, I made plans on Thursday night, and that, combined with a very draining past few days and my Aunt Flo visiting (hi, gentlemen), meant that the stars just weren’t talking to … Continue reading

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It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

BUT, before we dance, make sure you check out the Self-Promotion post (what a great post! We’ll have to do that again once enough time has passed, so we’ll have new things to talk about) if you’re going to the … Continue reading

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