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Let’s get the Eurovision 2020 show on the road!

As mentioned by others on here, we’re in need of a bit of joy! (I am for SURE, because I’m freelance, so if I have to isolate, I don’t get any protection/pay, and if the events I’m meant to be … Continue reading

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Eurovision 2018 – the grand final

Thought the comedown wasn’t going to be as bad this year, for some reason, but it turns out it was just delayed. It’s hit me today. How better to cheer oneself up than by reliving this year’s Eurovision Song Contest … Continue reading

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Eurovision 2018 – first semi-final LIVE & DIRECT FROM LISBON!

I know, you’ve been sitting there impatiently drumming your fingers on the table, wondering “WHERE ON EARTH is my Eurovision recap courtesy of Gnidrah, I do hope she hasn’t fallen down a well and is incapable of enjoying this year’s … Continue reading

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Delightful Afternoon Activities

Make sure there’s enough wind out there. Via Laughing Squid

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The Goats Have Discovered Our Toys

And not one freakin’ accident. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Up for the Cup

Hi everyone! Remember me!? I used to post round here a bit! And make semi-witty comments and run sweepstakes about sports competitions nobody really cared about. Then I got a liiiiiittle bit busy but the good news is I am … Continue reading

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Getting Into The Spirit

Love that South Side charm. Via Deadspin

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The Sport of Kings

It’s not quite Ultimate Fireball, but it will do. Via DPnF

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Don’t Act Like You Wouldn’t Do This Shit

I have no idea what the hell George Fox University is, but it seems like a fun place. Via KATU

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A Slick Surface

I don’t know what’s worse, riding down a slide in shorts on a hot day, or barreling down one in the rain, without a way¬†to slow down. Via Irish Examiner

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