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This Continues To Happen

Maybe we should stop littering, guys. Via ViralViralVideos

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That’s MY Garbage, You Son Of A Bitch

Find another dumpster to sleep in, jerk. Via Viral Viral Videos

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Help Around The House

Close enough, I guess. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Get Into the Holiday Spirit With Alan Thicke and His Pals the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Having trouble getting into the proper seasonal spirit this year? You have two options at this point. Either a) relax, take each day as it comes and let that warm Christmas-y feeling gradually overtake you sometime between now and your third viewing of … Continue reading

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I Ate That: Fair Food Roundup 2014

PLEASE READ: before rushing along to the blog entry below, it is advisable that you lay some sort of protective covering over your keyboards and/or laptop screens because you’re going to be salivating so much it’s going to get real gross … Continue reading

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Let’s All Point and Laugh at Guy Fieri Because Monday

The greatest technical glitch of all time… pic.twitter.com/uVDOYeoZ11 — Kat Ferguson (@Kat_Fergie) July 7, 2014 I don’t know the story behind this image, nor do I really want to know. What I do know is that it is somehow Monday … Continue reading

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Another One For The Garbage Pile!

If you’ve been on the internet today you’ve probably heard all about Gary Oldman bravely coming out as a terrible human being. If not, check out these choice excerpts from his recent interview with Playboy, in which he (among other … Continue reading

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