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How is your day?

So I’ve been dumped via silent treatment/subsequent text messaging. And while my brain is aware that such behavior should result in an Ariana Grande-style “Thank u, next” reaction, it’s actually pretty tough to deal with. Can we do some fun … Continue reading

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The Terrible Twos: Homeless Monsters Reaches Its Second Anniversary

This Saturday marked two years of this site’s existence.  TWO YEARS.  My how the time has flown by so quickly.  I don’t quite know how to celebrate, so I figured this is sort of like everyone’s shared birthday!  With that, … Continue reading

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Let’s all happy faint as a family!

Girls (and some guys), we did it! The wait was strenuous and great. Relationships ended and flourished. Babies were born. Careers were reinvented. Prayers, secretings and spells were released into the universe. And now, finally, our faith has been rewarded. I’m talking of course … Continue reading

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Life On A Loop

In the end, it’s just a mildly amusing commercial meant to sell you what is probably a drink that tastes like raw sewage, so please take this as an opportunity to post your favorite GIFs of the moment. Via Pleated … Continue reading

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So, my Monday has been off to a particularly horrid start because I found out that I’m out of the running for two grants I’d applied for.  I need cheering up, and I bet you all, sitting at your desks, … Continue reading

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Awards Season Will Never End

Every year, the entertainment industry hands out a boatload of awards during the first couple of months.  Now that we are approaching the end of February, we can look forward to the final and most prestigious honor: The .GIFYs.   … Continue reading

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Here’s a happy story certain to warm the hearts of even the biggest cat hater: Masha, a neighborhood tabby cat, saved the life of an abandoned baby in Russia last week. The cat climbed into the cardboard box and kept the baby … Continue reading

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