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I Hope You Made A New Friend This Weekend

Preferably you’d want to be the one being carried around. Via Incredible Things

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Relax Lady This Is Important Science

A path to a simpler life. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Question for Science: Can Goats Just Walk?

Because it mostly seems like they frantically hop everywhere. Even if they only have two inches to go and all the time in the world, goats don’t know how to stroll.

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The Goats Have Discovered Our Toys

And not one freakin’ accident. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Nature, man…it’s like, Whoa!

When reviewing a link I saw somewhere about deadly El Niño sea snakes. I came across and must present to you all this critical and underreported story about… ANIMALS RIDING ON OTHER ANIMALS In FURTHER related news, this reminded me of a … Continue reading

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A Classic In The Making

Once they master this instrument, the accidents will come. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Your Next Pet

Meet your next pet: Ahhh! HOW CUTE IS BENJI WITH ALL THAT ADORABLE HOPPING?! So little! So happy! I want to keep him! ps. Shout out to whoever chose the Sound of Music song as background music. Fantastic.

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