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Vicious Predator

Now he’s going to die with that stupid little hat on. Via BGR

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Golfer Puts Brand New GoPro Directly in Front of Tee. What Could Go Wrong?

What a bummer! Don’t those things cost like FORE hundred dollars? I’m not sure what his handicap is, but I’d say his GoPro is crippled! Sure hope he bought the warran-TEE for that thing! Yuck yuck! Have a great day everyone! (Via … Continue reading

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Nice One, Charles Barkley

That’s some Grade A business golf. Via Blame it on the Voices

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The OC S01E16: Oliver and Company

I apologize for taking so long between OC recaps, guys. My only excuse is that it’s hard to go from the best episode of the series to a shitty Oliver-fest like this one. Every time I tried to hit “play” and … Continue reading

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Getting In A Few Rounds Before Work

It’s a lot easier if you work it into your commute.  

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Monsters’ Sports Review: Dear God, Why Edition

I think the author’s opening line says it best: “I don’t even know where to begin with this story.”

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