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Monster Community Pool – 10/1/2015

Welcome to October! Kate is super considerate, that’s all. Just a good way to carry pizza. This would be a better trend than turning Tweets into TV shows. Now, if we can get a certain someone to follow in her footsteps. I’m gonna buy pumpkin … Continue reading

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She’s The Worst

Wondering what Videogum’s Certified The Worst (tm, RIP) is up to?  Well wonder no more!!

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Let’s All Take This Personality Quiz I Made, As A Family

Personality quizzes are still all the rage, right? Not at all passé, I’m sure. But do you ever sit there and think “I wish there was one that really got me, that was really tailored to my interests and was … Continue reading

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Hold On To Your GOOPs, Blake Lively’s Lifestyle Site Approaches!

I don’t know why I’m even bothering to write a post about this because I know we all have Blake Lively Google alerts, but in case yours is broken, it was announced that Blake’s lifestyle website which is definitely 100% nothing … Continue reading

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Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Her Weird Thoughts With Nerds at Code Conference

Queen of the Internet Gwyneth Paltrow was invited to speak at Code Conference this week. I know about as much about Code Conference as Gwynnie does (nothing) so why she was invited is a bit of a head-scratcher. Luckily after admitting … Continue reading

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So, how was your day?

I knew I’d pay for saying that last week went by so fast, because this week is taking FOREVER. When will I learn? My day has been fine, though. I’ve been sticking with my fitness plan, and am starting to … Continue reading

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A Very Respectful Post about Gwyneth & Chris’ Divorce

The lord giveth us a Mila/Ashton baby, the lord taketh away a Gwyenth/Chris marriage. From E!: The two made the announcement on the actress’ website, Goop, with a post titled, “Conscious Uncoupling.” Their statement read, “It is with hearts full … Continue reading

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