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Monster Community Pool – 11/17/2015

I’m SO close to ridding my carpet of the pet/children smell left by my place’s previous owner. A very good tour of Las Vegas OH THANK GOD You know what HIMYM was missing?  Magic! It’s the live event of the … Continue reading

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Wait, Maybe GoPro Videos Are Best When Something Goes Horribly Wrong?

On Wednesday, we learned that the rugged toughness of the GoPro camera is no match for a golf ball at point blank range. Now, in our ongoing coverage of the Republican debates distressingly predictable camcorder mishaps the world over, we have a GoPro dropping … Continue reading

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Golfer Puts Brand New GoPro Directly in Front of Tee. What Could Go Wrong?

What a bummer! Don’t those things cost like FORE hundred dollars? I’m not sure what his handicap is, but I’d say his GoPro is crippled! Sure hope he bought the warran-TEE for that thing! Yuck yuck! Have a great day everyone! (Via … Continue reading

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