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Realized Music Potential

One day I will become as good as this chicken. Via Incredible Things

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Wait, Maybe GoPro Videos Are Best When Something Goes Horribly Wrong?

On Wednesday, we learned that the rugged toughness of the GoPro camera is no match for a golf ball at point blank range. Now, in our ongoing coverage of the Republican debates distressingly predictable camcorder mishaps the world over, we have a GoPro dropping … Continue reading

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Monster Community Pool – 7/7/2015

I just want to stand out in the sun and absorb its rays like I’m Superman. Even if you’re a dog, you gotta go out on top. I know kung fu. What’s the opposite of the U.S. Women’s National Team? … Continue reading

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Food Goes Here

I guess she’s old enough for solids. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Two Nightmares Spawned From This Video

“Damn it, I just lost my $500 camera, and I didn’t get the replacement plan!” “HOLY SHIT I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF A 10,000 FOOT DROP” Via CNET

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It’s Been A While, Guys

Like a warm hug from an old friend.

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Learning Courtesy From An Elephant

Who said chivalry was dead? Via 22 Words

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Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Go Cliff Diving in Shark-Infested Waters…

Real talk (highlight to see): [this is possibly likely fake, but it is still a total nightmare and whoever made it is either the luckiest idiot alive or a Spielbergian master, and is thereby deserving of our admiration either way.]   [Ed. note: Happy … Continue reading

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