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The Weekend Approaches, Time To Do Your Hair

Show off your finest doo at that fancy party you’re attending. Via Incredible Things

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Monster Beauty Corner: October Edition

MONTH OF SCARES IS HERE MONTH OF SCARES IS HERE MONTH OF SCARES IS HERE!! (“Hey Summer,” you say, “didn’t you miss September’s Beauty Corner?” And to that I say, “Hush now child.”) Anyways, since this is the MONTH OF … Continue reading

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Monster Beauty Corner: August Edition

Seasonal Shenanigans Here in Florida, it will be summer for another two months at least. But for a lot of you, you’re making the transition into Autumn. Being a lifelong Floridian, I don’t really know what this means. Our fall … Continue reading

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Monster Beauty Corner: July Edition

Yes, I realize it’s almost August, shut up. Ahhh, late July. We are truly in the dog days now friends. Hopefully you are spending most of your time either inside air conditioned buildings, or pool/beachside sipping a fruity, frozen beverage.

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Monster Beauty Corner: June Edition

IT’S SUMMERRRRRRRRRRRR!!! No, I wasn’t just introducing myself in a super rad and tubular way, but it is the actual season of Summer now! Yayyyyy!!! Summer always a weird, if fun, time for beauty. You want to have liven things … Continue reading

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Inaugural Monster Beauty Corner

Ladymonsters! (And Dudemonsters, let’s not conform to traditional gender roles here!) Lately, I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest looking at hair and makeup tutorials. (Oh hey look, Fatima, it wants me to recruit you.) If you … Continue reading

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Another Subtle Way To Photograph Yourself

Just when I thought I had exhausted my supply of selfie articles, I was presented with this gem.  For a mere $20, you can have your very own Selfie Brush.  This bristled wonder serves as a smartphone cover, which allows … Continue reading

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Sexist Ad Ruins Lovely Day

So, in case you are like me and don’t listen to videos with volume at work, here’s the situation in this commercial. Basically, Jake Gyllenhaal Lite wakes up all coozy and gooey feeling with someone’s leg draped over him. And … Continue reading

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