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Your Friendly Holiday PSA

Remember folks, don’t drink and drive. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Give Us The Rundown On Your Costume!

This is truly the most wonderful time of the year (suck it, Christmas)!  We’ve talked about food, ghosts, haunted houses, and other things that make autumn great, but really, it’s all about Halloween.  In the grand 2-ish year tradition of … Continue reading

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Getting Into The Spirit Of Things

Come on, guys.  It’s only about a week away. Via PopSugar

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The History of Our Site’s Finest Tradtion

It’s like “Behind the Music,” but for our humble little collective!

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Monster Beauty Corner: October Edition

MONTH OF SCARES IS HERE MONTH OF SCARES IS HERE MONTH OF SCARES IS HERE!! (“Hey Summer,” you say, “didn’t you miss September’s Beauty Corner?” And to that I say, “Hush now child.”) Anyways, since this is the MONTH OF … Continue reading

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Black Cat and Owl are Friends; Murder Mouse and Devour Carcass Together

Prepare to watch the tensest interspecies friendship video you will ever see. Are they friends? Are they?? I cannot be sure. I don’t trust either of them. (Also, black cat = Halloween.)

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Month of Scares

October is fast approaching, monsters! Let’s take a moment to note in the comments what everyone would like to contribute. Does anyone want to do another scavenger hunt? Spooky reviews? Pinterest decorating tips? I’m going to try my hand at … Continue reading

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Let’s See Your Halloween Costumes!

Did everyone have a good Halloween? Mine was boring but nice, because I didn’t go out and was kind of sick, but not so sick that I couldn’t enjoy being home and eating a ton of candy. But if you … Continue reading

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Tell Me About Your Most Memorable Halloweens!

Halloween is TOMORROW, everyone! Let’s tell stories about our best, worst, or otherwise notable Halloween experiences. What were your trick-or-treating traditions as a kid? How much did you throw up after that one Halloween party in college? What are some … Continue reading

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Bob’s Burgers Spooooky Recap: Full Bars

Even though we’re a few weeks into the 2014-2015 TV season, Fox has only aired one episode of Bob’s Burgers (thanks, baseball!).  We’ve all been jonesing for more of the Belchers, and thankfully we will get it this Sunday with an … Continue reading

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