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Sports, I Think!

This is probably the best one could do without sorcery or technology from 500 years from now. Via Quartz

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Monster Community Pool – 2/2/2016

Welcome to the Monster Community Pool!  This is a safe place where we can talk about whatever, but if you don’t have anything in mind and want to converse over something, here is a bunch of crap I found on … Continue reading

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Monster Community Pool – 9/10/2015

This is the dream.  A pool with a view of the mountains. These two, amirite? October is just around the corner. Personal thought: I always thought butterbeer sounded disgusting. Another excuse to keep eating cereal. Well, my dream anyway…  

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So, how was your day?

Right on schedule for the second straight week! I’m on a roll. And my day has been pretty good! It’s cold again, but the sun is out, and my lunch was scrumptious. I also got a lot done at work, … Continue reading

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