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Monster Community Pool – 8/13/0215

Somebody make use of that poolside bar, STAT. Weird and gross. They’re just rolls, dude. Nothing like a fresh, 9-month old episode of Sesame Street. Geez, everyone has to Marvel-ize EVERYTHING. Daiquiris for everybody!  

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Monster Community Pool – 6/23/2015

I just want to put my head down and close my eyes… Cable news is just the best. I can now eat my popcorn nuggets in peace. The real sport of kings. The dream, right here Setting the alarm to … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones S5E04 – Sons of the Harpy

Big doings are afoot in fair Westeros (ok, and Essos). Betrayal! Skullduggery! Boobs! Let’s get to it, people! By the way, this week in credits sequences, Dorne! Pretty cool snake animation, guys .

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New Season, New Faces

Even though a new season of Game of Thrones is upon us, HBO isn’t pulling any punches.  The cable giant released a trailer for the second season of their crime anthology, True Detective.  Gone are the Texas drawl duo of Matthew McConaughey … Continue reading

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The Newsroom Continues To Exist

Over the last one hundred years, humanity has proven itself to be nature’s most ruthlessly inadvertent killer of things that probably shouldn’t be killed. Thanks to short-term thinking, in all its infinitely destructive iterations, everything that has ever existed is essentially fucked forever. Corporate financial … Continue reading

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How Bad Is/Are The Leftovers

I stopped watching The Leftovers twenty minutes into its second episode, finding myself simply unable to process how bad the show actually is. Considering that I’ve watched every episode of The Newsroom, this is no small accomplishment. (Congratulations, Damon Lindelof, you’ve done it again.) … Continue reading

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