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Today’s Google Doodle is a Snooze

It’s been a while since we caught up with our beloved Google Doodle. “What’s up with that old son of a bitch?” I wondered this morning. Well, nothing. It’s just “Google” today. What a waste, Google! So many amazing things … Continue reading

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Your Name Through The Ages

Like food, haircuts, and kitchen designs, the popularity of baby names follow trends throughout history.  In the 1920’s, it was cool to name your son Robert.  But guess what, Bob?  Your name sucks in 2014 (the top boy’s name is … Continue reading

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Menus Old and New from the NYPL

It’s Thanksgiving week here in America, which means that we American Monsters most likely have a short work week and are basically not going to get anything done because we’ll be thinking about pigging out. Why not waste some time … Continue reading

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Weird History: The Great Moon Hoax Of 1853

I love history, mostly because people have always been both shady as hell and enthusiastically willing to believe utter nonsense. Case in point: the Great Moon Hoax! In the summer of 1835, the The Sun, a New York newspaper, published … Continue reading

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Warren G. Harding, You’s A Freak

Guys, crazy news you will not believe. As we all know, presidents are often just naaaasty. Sex scandals abound! Case in point: Warren G. Harding, President for about half a second in the 20s before he died. Unsurprisingly, Warren G. … Continue reading

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Rosie the Riveter Plant Saved from the Wrecking Ball

Sorry, guys, this is going to be a very sincere post, but also very happy! I thought I would share. Like most things, the Detroit-area factory where feminist icon , American icon, and fall-back Halloween costume Rosie the Riveter worked … Continue reading

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The Mysteries of History

As educated adults, we are all aware of the Titanic’s voyage and roughly what happened. James Cameron tried his best to give us a deeper insight in his blockbuster version of the tale, however even he missed out on several … Continue reading

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