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Stop Being An Asshole And Enjoy Your Dinner On Cheap Swedish Furniture

Do people still do this? Via Tastefully Offensive Advertisements

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The Full Swedish Experience

I’ve been skeptical of this new VR trend, but now that meatballs are in play, I’m sold. Via The Next Web

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Hey Malaysia, Cheap Furniture!

I see someone was brought in for consulting on this ad. Via Adweek

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Killing Them Softly With Cheap Swedish Furniture

Robots have proven to be good at doing a bunch of stuff, but two researchers in Singapore may have found one of their weaknesses.  Francisco Suárez-Ruiz and Quang-Cuong Pham of the Nanyang Technological University attempted to get robots to build … Continue reading

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Marry Him, Dude

Before someone else snatches him up. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Good Advertising Round-up

I love advertising. Half of the ads out there are just terrible, or simply loud and annoying to demand you listen to them, and we tend to fast-forward through most of them anyways, but once in a while there are meaningful … Continue reading

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