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Monster Community Pool – 5/14/2015

HEY I SAID NO JUMPING Oh look, it’s this asshole again.  (See previous encounter) Business as usual in good ol’ Hollywood. This is how you’ll be checking Twitter and Instagram in the future.  Deal with it. Too bad it’s not called … Continue reading

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Ghostbusters, but with Chicks

Have we discussed the recently announced casting of the Ghostbusters reboot? (Again, I do not know the real differences between reboots and reimaginings and whatever.) The Ghostbusters we deserve and want will be starring our pals Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, … Continue reading

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Indiana Jones Casting News…NOPE.

(To set the mood: Play this musical accompaniment for this quick post. Plus its just one of the greatest scores ever…it will make you work harder at your desk FYI.) Of all the questionable choices that the Indiana Jones franchise has … Continue reading

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